“Success: A Fear”​

Did you ever think about why people don’t get success in their life? One of the prime reasons is that we are afraid of success. Just imagine yourself and think about it the level of success you want to achieve. Once you have determined then review the actions you have to take, to achieve that level of success. Once you will think about the whole process of success including the steps and actions, you will realize how fearful you are to do everything. Why don’t we realize that fear on a day to day basis? The reason for that is we are experiencing that fear from Our childhood and now don’t even realize but our subconscious mind is experiencing it and stopping us to be successful.

I will give you a live example of my field Real Estate, An average Realtor is afraid of doing a deal as he doesn’t want to go through the headache (people think it’s a headache) of talking to clients, showing them the property, helping them for their mortgage and recommending them to other professionals. No one wants to take the challenge of work but everyone wants to be successful and millionaire. Nothing in this world comes without a cost and that cost can be either your time, money, hard work, or compromising with many other situations. Once we overcome the fear of being successful and willing to take the challenges of success, no power in the world can stop us from being successful.

Now you might be thinking about what we should do to overcome that fear. The only thing you have to do it, fight with yourself and your fear. You have to keep telling yourself that you can do it. Every-time you fail, get up with more strength, and tell yourself that I will find a new way to achieve my target. It is as simple as doing anything which you are doing from your childhood like walking, talking, listening, breathing, and many other things which you don’t even realize you are doing successfully. Once you start fighting with yourself, with the time your brain will be trained and you won’t even realize that you have no fear of success.

Let’s promise to ourselves that we will fight with every fear of what we have in our minds and make the world a better place with our success in life.

If you care you will share. I took the time out to write it for you, can’t you take the time out to share for others benefit.

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