“Why Books“

Who doesn’t want a good friend in their life? We always seek towards someone who can guide us, who can share their knowledge with us and who we can rely to take an advise in adverse situation. Did we ever think who that best friend could be?

In my humble opinion, that best friend you are looking for yourself is your inner conscious. Now the question comes that you best friend who will help you lifelong and becomes your adviser, should be qualified enough to do so. I am sure you would not like to take advice from someone who doesn’t have the ability or knowledge about various subjects and not up to mark in terms of intellect. Now it’s your challenge that how intelligent or smart you want your friend to be so that you can rely or listen to his advice whenever you need some.

You have to provide the best food for your friend so that he can be happy and healthy and become capable as your trusted adviser. The best and healthy food you can feed to your friend is good books which will help him to ensure he is up to date with the latest scenarios, his analytical ability is sharp and his decision making is best. Good books is like a top quality gym for your own intellect and if you want to ensure a healthy mind, the best trainer of the world is books which helps our brain to exercise, by way of thinking various aspects of life. I am sure you will agree with me that one full life is not enough to make all the mistakes from which you can learn, then how we should learn. The best way is that we should learn from other people’s experience and books is a good via media for us to share other people’s experience for our own learning.

I can share my personal life experience that books has changed my life in such a positive direction and immensely contributed in my wisdom. I am sure you all will ensure to read as many books as you can.

I took a pledge to read 50 books this year, how many you will, please share in comments.

If you care, you will share…..

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