“Don’t just be a Dreamer, Be a logical Dreamer”

How many times we hear or actually practice that we dream about something big or we dream about success. Often people talk about it and emphasize that if you want to be successful dream about it. Also this is very common that dreams are those which you see with open eyes.

But is that enough that we just dream about it and we will achieve the desired result. That’s not the real power, Real power lies in logical dreaming. Off course I am not asking not to dream big, but once you dream about it then you have to prepare a plan to achieve it. Once you have made a plan then you have to execute the plan, gather your resources and also analyze the outcome. If you are not getting the desired outcome then re analyze the plan again, make necessary modifications and repeat the process until you achieve your dream. Just day dreaming without any action will lead to frustration only.

Just imagine that everyday you are dreaming about something and not taking any action , that will lead to frustration and you will end up reaching no where .

The bigger the dream is, harder you have to work for it. When you dream about something, it’s better to kiss your ass and make sure that you leave no stone unturned to realize that dream .

I am sure this small write up will give a new direction to your dreams and you will become a logical dreamer rather than just be a dreamer.

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