Anger : A Punishment

What is anger: Anger is the punishment which you are giving to yourself for other people’s action.

If you want to grow in your life, stay away from this. You might have seen many people who maintain their cool and calm in every problematic situation, just asses their level of success. With anger you can win the moment but you can’t win the hearts of people.

There is a simple formula, the more you grow, cooler you have to become. If you don’t learn how to control anger, then gods bless you. More success brings you to deal with more people and most of the times you become smarter with success. You will see lot of stupidity happening in your surroundings, love that stupidity and smile on it rather than being angry.

If by you bring angry, stupidity can be reduced, for sure then do it . But you will find it’s not happening so why to give yourself a punishment for other’s stupidity. Make life simple and make it cool.

I will share a small story which might help many to manage their cool.

The Nails in the Fence

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