“Why your intelligence has no value “

You might be thinking , what kind of statement is this . What I am talking about . It sounds so silly , until today we are under impression that intelligence is everything and we all want to be intelligent to get success in our life .

Let me elaborate with an example , let’s say you have a Ferrari and everyone else living in your street has Ferrari as well . How much value your Ferrari have in the street . Not really much because everyone has it . Ferrari has value only when other people in the street have other regular cars . If that is the case when you will take your Ferrari out , they all will look and get impressed and you will feel elevated.

Another example , let’s say your kid score 90% marks in high school . It’s really good marks and you will feel proud on your kid . He/She wants to get an admission in top university where the cut out marks are 95% , in that case the same 90% seems to be very less .

Same happens with intelligence , when you are in top 1% , and competing with other equally or more intelligent people , then your intelligence has no value , as everyone is equally and more intelligent than you .

Then what really matters at that level is What you do with your intelligence and that is called your attitude. After a level your attitude determines your level of success .

From now on wards if you pray to god to give you an intelligent kid, don’t forget to ask for the one with a right attitude because that is more important than anything else in the life .

I am sure I might have put little addition to your perspective of thinking .

***If you care, you will share and that will determine your attitude ….***

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